CAIA with Kayo: February Study Session

Past Digital Events

For anyone interested in sitting for the March 2021 CAIA Charter exam, join us for the February study session focusing on Real Assets on Friday, February 19 at 3pm ET. Industry experts Heather Fernstrom Border and Jennifer Stevens, Alliance Global Advisors, will join us to review materials, answer questions, and offer advice. 

Topics Covered:
Natural resources other than land
Land as an alternative asset
Timberland and farmland as alternative assets
Valuation and volatility of real assets
Pricing and historic data analysis
Cognition, price indices, and biases in real estate values
Investing in commodities without futures
Cash flows of intellectual property
Term structure of forward prices on commodities
Infrastructure in the alternative investment space
Intellectual property
Liquid alternatives: real estate investment trusts (REITs)
Valuations and risks of real estate equity

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