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Director of Marketing

The Role

The Director of Marketing is a creative, experienced, and tech-savvy marketing leader who will oversee the Kayo Conference Series brand and advertising efforts, driving leads and building brand awareness. Using Storybrand principles, the Director of Marketing will communicate Kayo’s mission and value to clients through multiple channels, including our website, social media, thought-leadership and other digital tools. The Director of Marketing will create and oversee our marketing strategy and process, and then leverage talent and resources, both internal and externally, to execute it. In a small entrepreneurial team, this individual must be a resourceful problem solver, knowing what to do in-house and when to pull in resources externally for specialized skills, such as graphic design, copywriting and web development.

Creating effective marketing collateral, including brochures, social media graphics, websites, and other materials is a key part of the role. The Director of Marketing is accountable for implementing, maintaining and improving all digital assets such as the website, the digital community, and the digital marketing tools that streamline marketing efforts.

The Person

Is soulful, authentic marketing one of your passions? Do you believe in the power of storytelling in influencing others? Are you a passionate problem solver? Do you thrive when leading others? Is building community important to you? Do you wish to be the steward of the

mission-driven brand? Do you pursue excellence in everything you do and are hungry for the opportunity to work in a dynamic, growing company that is centered around empowering women? If you are looking for an opportunity that is unique and exciting, we want to talk to to you!

Our Ideal Director of Marketing is:

Creative and Curious: You have an interest in new technology and applications, and you are driven to learn about the latest and greatest ways to reach our audience virtually. You are fascinated by the companies and individuals that Kayo serves and how they contribute to their respective industries. You want to understand our customers’ needs and goals and how Kayo can help each client to achieve them digitally.

Tech Savvy: You are knowledgeable about industry-leading IT applications and know how to use them to create solutions, troubleshoot website issues, and streamline backend processes.

Tenacious: You are goal oriented. You can meet short-term objectives while maintaining focus on long-term goals

Intuitive: You possess the ability to analyze problems, assign proper priorities, and determine correct actions to take. You know when to seek help and you know how to prioritize activities, actions, and resources effectively.

Organized: You can manage multiple projects and objectives in a timely and effective manner. Concise: You have the natural ability to communicate in the most succinct, effective way possible.

Growth Minded: You consistently look for issues and find ways to make improvements. You are flexible in your approach to problem-solving, and you are open to receiving feedback.

Relationship Driven: You have an inherent desire to delight others. You listen to clients and colleagues with full attention, and you engage in professional and courteous email and verbal communications. You strive to find solutions to client issues with the sensitivity and intention to strengthen each relationship.


Lead, Manage and Accountability (LMA)

• Set clear execution expectations for the Marketing Team

• Delegate the execution of tasks to appropriate Team Members

• Escalate issues to Head of Sales and Marketing

• Communicate cascading messages from Head of Sales and Marketing to the Marketing Team

• Weekly 1:1 meetings with each member of the Marketing Team

Brand Strategy

• Steward of the Kayo Brand and Brand Strategy

• Steward for Kayo’s “Three Unique”: Curated, Content, Soul

• Understand Kayo’s products and the competitive market landscape to draft effective persona-driven and product messaging

• Oversee graphic design and copywriting

Lead Generation and Product Marketing

• Oversee product marketing strategy

• Oversee SEO strategy

• Develop fact-based quantitative analysis to support recommendations

• Driving leads for sales and programming teams

• Conduct market analysis and map the competitive landscape

• Create and maintain marketing collateral

• Create and maintain website and landing pages

• Maintain and communicate inventory of marketing assets to team

• Make recommendations to Head of Sales/Mkt for resources and specialists to support special projects as needed

Digital Marketing

• Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience

• Train team on marketing technology and tools usage

• Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points

• Instrument conversion points and optimize user funnels

• Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners

• Make recommendations to Head of Sales/MKT for emerging digital marketing technologies

• Evaluate emerging technologies. Provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate

Social Media

• Design, build, and maintain our social media presence

• Design and cultivate the Kayo Corner online community forum

Event Application

• Design Event Application Attendee experience

• Maintain back-end of Event Attendee Application

• Attendee Troubleshooting and Support


• Attend Kayo events and help support event execution

• Other duties may be assigned as needed

Qualifications Required
• 4-7 Years of Digital Marketing experience

• Proven experience creating digital marketing campaigns

• Proven knowledge of SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, Webmasters, and others

• Proven knowledge of the latest digital marketing trends and social media marketing techniques

• Strong communication skills

• Strong organizational skills

• Ability to conduct in-depth research

• Proficiency with various social media platforms such as Linkedln and lnstagram

• Knowledge of email marketing software such as MailChimp, lnsightly Marketing

• Proficiency with basic editing software such as Canva and Photoshop to create brochures and newsletters

• Proficiency with website optimization tools such as Hotjar and SimilarWeb

• Must have an interest in Events management and execution

• Will embody Kayo core values


• 7+ years of Marketing experience

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Marketing, Communications, or Information Technology

• Familiarity with Storybrand marketing principles

• Foundational understanding of the industries and markets that Kayo serves

• Specific creative skills (graphic design, web design, copywriting, content, digital user experience)

• Experience building workflows and automation with email campaign distributors

• Proven experience growing an online community and robust online presence


• Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing, Communications, or Graphic Design

• Events marketing experience

• Experience with lnsightly Marketing

• Interest in Finance and Alternative Investments

• Experience with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®)

This is an in-person position located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Candidates will need to live within a commutable distance of Charlottesville or relocate.

The Company-Kayo Conference Series
At Kayo, we believe that women should have a community that supports, elevates, and champions
them. That is why we create industry events where professional women can connect with leaders,
advance themselves, and champion other women. We want women to know that we are stronger when
we Trailblaze Together.

Founder Lindsay Burton previously held positions in Private Equity and banking in New York City, so she
knows what it is like to be the only woman in the room. Her goal was to create a place where women
could join forces in a male-dominated business world and advance themselves further and

Why Kayo Conference Series?
– Our work is fun-we get joy from our journey
– We are a company founded by women to support women
– You are encouraged and allowed to grow
– We make an impact on peoples’ lives
– We love challenges and learning along the way
– We celebrate your unique ability!
– We do not want any woman to walk alone on her path to success

Our Core Values
– Be a team player
– Win, learn but never lose
– Develop a growth mindset
– Get to, not have to
– Commit to radical transparency

– Make things happen, versus hoping and wishing
– Pursue excellence
– Put first things first
– Fanatical attention to detail
– Create transparent, repeatable processes

People Smart
– ABC – Always be communicating
– Gives every client the best day/hour/minute of their day
– Engage in healthy conflict
– Solve conflicts using “Tactful Conflict Resolution”

– Respects the beliefs and choices of others, even when they disagree
– Avoids prejudice
– Searches for the common ground
– In disagreements, assume good intent
– Pardons follies
– Believes in freedom of expression

Salary Structure: Annualized Base Salary, commensurate with experience

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, paid Family Leave, and generous PTO

If you are looking to join a trailblazing company that is passionate about uniting women and
growing connections in the workplace, apply to Kayo Conference Series today!

Please submit resume to brandon@kayoconferenceseries.com.

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