Curiosity: The Gift that Powers Us All

Jan 27, 2022

As we maturesociety often pressures us to avoid failure. Failure is bad and deserves to be feared. But Lauren Soulis, Vice President in the Power & Renewables Group at Prudential Private Capital, missed that lesson early onLauren’s natural curiosity and thirst for challenge has set her down a not-so-linear path where she now finances the next generation of power projects that keep our lights on. In this episode, we’ll sit down with Lauren, the mind behind these complex transactions, to explore how the power investment landscape is evolving. 

Guests: Lauren Soulis, Prudential Private Capital

Lauren Soulis leads a team that manages the Energy Finance Group: Power’s portfolio of project financings and tax equity investments in power assets as well as a portion of the group’s electric utility and cooperative portfolio. My team’s responsibilities include investment monitoring and analysis, counterparty analysis, portfolio exposure tracking, valuations, negotiation of modifications and consents under the financing documents, and client relationship management. My role requires close coordination with power plant managers, asset managers, independent engineers, legal and tax counsel, accountants, treasurers, and c-suite managers, as well as internal stakeholders. 
Lauren’s recent work on project financings includes in-depth experience with a variety of generation technologies including wind, PV and thermal solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, combined-cycle and peaking gas, biomass, and solid fuel cogeneration. My experience also includes credit analysis for transmission financings, utilities, and cooperatives. 

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Curiosity: The Gift that Powers Us All