Navigating a Career with Community at the Center  

Mar 10, 2022

Fueled to create a community for all, Sarah Fortt, Partner at Latham & Watkins set out to support women of color at her firm. Aside from her day job practicing as a lawyer, she’s dedicated her time to creating a haven that was absent in her own early career days. In this episode, we’ll sit down with Sarah to unpack her number one rule: community first.     

Guests: Sarah Fortt, Latham & Watkins

Show notes:

Sarah has spent a decade working with organizations, small and large, public and private, in navigating their relationships and communications with key stakeholders, including their investors, regulators, employees and communities. She regularly works with boards on managing their approaches to corporate governance, crisis management, succession planning and board education. She is the mind behind the creation of V&E’s ESG Taskforce, a novel cross-functional team that works to provide companies with end-to-end solutions for navigating non-financial risks and opportunities, including those relating to climate change, human rights and corporate culture. 

Sarah is the consistent corporate governance voice across V&E’s corporate governance approach, which includes working with companies across multiple industries in times of calm and in times of crisis as well as during key strategic transactions. Sarah has created a unique perspective on and approach to corporate cultural wellness that connects an in-depth understanding of leadership, governance, the ethics and compliance functions, employee incentives and initiatives, and corporate risk and crisis management. She regularly works with clients on crisis preparedness and response, including in the context of shareholder activism and cyber and data security breaches. 

Sarah has a sophisticated understanding of incentive structures and how they tend to function across various levels of an organization given an organization’s strategies, goals and “sacred cows.” She regularly helps clients create consistent, effective and meaningful stakeholder communications (both required and voluntary). Sarah is also an experienced securities lawyer with a background in executive compensation. 


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Navigating a Career with Community at the Center