The Only Man in the Room

Oct 7, 2021

Amidst a sea of powerful female executives, often the men at Kayo events stand out.  In this episode, we’ll meet one Kayo alumni and community member Kyle Kosmider who happens to be a male.  Managing Partner at Urban Opportunities in Nashville, Kyle has attended Kayo events summits across multiple industries and cities, and been a stalwart supporter of our activities and of the women in our network.  It’s a refreshing role reversal in the finance industry.  We’ll explore Kyle’s personal and career journey, and what it feels like to be the only man in the room. 

Guests: Kyle Kosmider, Urban Opportunities

Kyle is Managing Partner at Urban Opportunities, a small boutique, value-add real estate investment firm focused on value-add real-estate opportunities such as multi-family and warehouse space, primarily in the mid-South.

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The Only Man in the Room