Private Equity Talent Strategies in a Recession

The Weekly Knockout

Join Kayo Founder and host, Lindsay Burton, and featured trailblazers, Corinne Mason, Partner at Summit Leadership Partners, and Heather Johnson, Partner at Chartwell Partners, for this week’s discussion on private equity talent strategies during a recession.

Just a few months ago, private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies were in a war for talent, struggling to fill positions in one of the tightest job markets in history. Now, as PE firms and companies adjust quickly to the COVID-19 outbreak, they might find themselves in a “buyers” market.

How will companies react as this recession takes its course? What assessment tools and metrics are key when evaluating leadership in a downturn? How can firms support and strengthen their management teams during this uncertain time? And for individuals looking to make a switch, what will the job market look like in the aftermath of COVID-19 and how do they maneuver?